Q: What can be done to prevent birds from attacking the trash bags?
A: Use a trash can. Call 970-214-4902 or 1-888-582-1898 and request a Identification Sticker and securely place it on the trash can. ( It's the Customers responsibility to clean up the mess when wildlife/birds attack the bags.)

Q: When using the trash can, do the bags need to be tied?
A: Yes.  Please do not use twisty ties. It's not as secure as tying bags off and may result in fines if personal info  

Q: What payment method may I use when ordering / reordering bags?
We accept check, money order and cash. ( No credit cards )

Q: What happens when I run out of trash or recycle bags?
When re-ordering, make a payment for the cost of 1 roll + 1 single bag. Then you may use a standard trash bag on your service day.

Q: When I'm late getting my trash / recycle bags out, will the driver return to pick it up?
Yes! For a $5 - $15 return fee that is due upon pick-up of late bags.

Q: Does Doering Disposal pick-up unbagged trash, for example bundled branches?
Yes! You must call 970-214-4902 or 1-888-582-1898 or talk to the driver to confirm what needs to be picked up and the cost. The fee is due upon the pick-up of said items.
Q: Do I need to purchase a bear can or a standard trash can?
Please read the Wildlife Ordinance found at the link below.*
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* Click here to read Estes Park Wildlife Protection Ordinance for Trash Container requirements.
Q: What should I do when twisty-ties are no longer supplied by Doering  Disposal?
A: The twisty-ties do not always secure the bag closed. Thus Tie the bags closed securely.  Please view the video for the proper way of tying bags.